Track & Field

  • Track and Field  
    In Track & Field (a spring sport), high school students compete in teams against other schools, and try to be the best in their event. There are many events, and competitors have fun participating. It's a great way to get in shape, and a challenge to make 1st place. Any high school student can join. But like all other sports, must keep their grades up to compete. There are many different schools to compete against, and a lot of games.


    • 100m.
    • 200m.
    • 400m. (1 lap)
    • Mile (4 laps)
    • Triple Jump
    • High Jump
    • Long Jump
    • Shot Put
    • Discus Throw
    • 4X100 Relay
    • 4X400 Relay
    • 110 Hurdles
    • 200 Hurdles

    Did you know?

    The 400 m used to be a middle distance but runners got so good and ran it so fast that it is now a sprint. The 800 m may even become a sprint if runners continue to run it so fast.

    The crouch start started out with Serrill of Yale in 1888 and has been universally used ever since. It used to be made by digging holes in the track, but now it is done by using starting blocks.

    It takes 13 seconds for oxygen to get to your muscles so sprinter do not need to breath on the 50, 60 or 100 m dashes if they don't want to. Still, it relaxes them to breath so they really need to breath after the race or their muscles will cramp up and they will collapse.