Principal's Corner

    Mr Catrillo
    Welcome to East Stroudsburg High School South!
    My name is Michael Catrillo and I am principal of South.   The 2019-20 school year marks my 10th year as principal.  Prior to this I was principal of the J.T Lambert Intermediate School for five years and Middle Smithfield Elementary School for seven years.  I also was an English teacher here at South in the early 90's.
    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website.  We are very proud of our school.  We try each day to live the motto- Success For All!.    Thank you to our Gifted Students and Web Design students for their efforts on the website.
    Assistant Principal- Amy Polmounter
    Assistant Principal-  TBA
    Dean of Students-  Terrance Bomar
    Below is some information about our award winning Positive Behavior Program!
    Positive Behavior Support Overview

     -What is Positive Behavior Support?


       A schoolwide program that promotes agreed upon Core Values and then develops procedures to teach/discuss the core values to improve the overall environment of the school making it a more positive,effective place to learn.  The program also has systems in place to recognize, reward and support students who act responsibly.




    What is the CAV CORE?


    -CAV CORE-   A motto/slogan to build the program on


    Community    Discuss what a community is and why it is important in a school


    Ownership     Discuss how we takeownership in a school


    Respect          Discuss what respectlooks like in a school building


    Excellence      Discuss what excellence isand how it is achieved.


    These are the values that will drive our program and the expectations for the school.