• Overview:

    HS South has a rich history of student accomplishments both inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to live our motto of "SUCCESS FOR ALL" by recognizing ourselves as a cooperative family that includes staff, students, parents, and community members. Our belief in the power of Purple Pride has enriched us. We are a caring, harmonious school community that empowers and enriches all who enter our doors. We take pride in our old-fashioned, small-town values of cherishing each person's uniqueness and celebrating our diversity. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world and find our website helpful. Thank you for visiting.

  • What is CAV CORE?

    CAV CORE is  a motto/slogan to build the program on


    Community: Discuss what a community is and why it is important in a school

    Ownership: Discuss how we take ownership in a school

    Respect: Discuss what respect looks like in a school building 

    Excellence: Discuss what excellence is and how it is achieved.


    These are the values that will drive our program and the expectations for the school.