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  • Mission Statement:

    The business education department strives to provide a diverse learning environment in which students gain a variety of career and technology skills, enabling them to enter college and/or the workforce as productive students, workers, and citizens.



    • To incorporate cutting edge technology and resources in the learning process
    • To provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for all students
    • To promote fairness and ethical decision making
    • To promote the understanding and high ideals of a free market society
    • To develop confidence in students to perform at a high work standard
    • To exercise the initiative and responsibility that will be expected as a future employee
    • To develop competent, aggressive business leadership
    • To promote more interest in and understanding of the American business enterprise
    • Encourage the development of projects that help build the home school and community
    • Encourage and practice efficient money management and consumerism
    • Facilitate the transition from school to work

    Meet the Business Department: South Faculty