• The East Stroudsburg Area School District administration and staff are committed to excellence in education for all students. As part of the District's effort to promote student academic achievement, the staff evaluates course objectives, revises each planned course, and selects new instructional materials for appropriate courses at least every six years. In addition, professional development opportunities are provided in conjunction with all curriculum revisions. Thus, in practice, the written, taught, and tested curriculum is correlated yearly. 

    Faculty and administration have adopted a curriculum philosophy that will enhance all teaching and learning in the District. We believe written, taught, and tested curriculum must be congruent in order to provide students with an effective educational experience. We believe curriculum review must be on-going and include revision, implementation, refinement/development and evaluation. 

    We applaud the dedication, professionalism and teamwork of the East Stroudsburg Area School District professional staff.

    Curriculum decisions in the East Stroudsburg Area School District are guided by:

    • State and National standards
    • The needs of the community
    • The social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of our students
    • Current educational research

    In developing curriculum, the following concepts are included in our instructional practices:

    • Technology as an integral component
    • Varied instructional strategies
    • Provision for multiple resources
    • Measurable goals, objectives, standards
    • Interdisciplinary approaches
    • Connections to the "real world"

    If you have any questions or concerns about Curriculum and Instruction in the East Stroudsburg Area School District please feel free to call my office at 424-8500 extension 10202.


    Mr. Ryan Moran
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction