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    The Grants Department at East Stroudsburg Area School District is in charge of researching, developing, writing and managing grants that will fulfill the mission statement of the district - to prepare students to become life-long learners. Grant money is used to provide programs that enhance the core curriculum, enrich before and after school activities, and provide professional development for all district staff.


    Grant money comes from many sources, but primarily the Federal and State Government, the county, and corporations. Granting institutions encourage the collaboration of school districts, health and social services in the community in order to serve a wide variety of Monroe County residents with programming that will improve and enrich their lives.

    Some programs that have been developed using grant money are reading support for Title I students, technology support, the coaching program, the before and after school tutoring program, the DARE program and the ESL program. The East Stroudsburg Area School District is proud to be collaborating with Head Start, Stroudsburg Area School District, Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity (PANA) and Monroe School Readiness Task Force, to mention a few.