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    Pupil services are an integral part of the educational process. Pupil services include guidance and counseling, health services, psychological services, special education, social work, and other programs such as homebound instruction, student assistance, and home education.

    Pupil services provided by the East Stroudsburg Area School District include:

    Developmental Services 

    Direct services are provided by pupil services staff and are designed for all students. They include activities and processes to facilitate the normal development of students.

    • Orientation
    • Academic Guidance
    • Health Appraisals
    • Attendance Monitoring
    • Career Development
    • Wellness
    • Student Evaluation
    Diagnostic, Intervention, and Referral Services 
    • Counseling
    • Assessment
    • Intervention
    • Placement
    • Community Referral
    Consultation and Coordination Services 
    • Case Management
    • Community Liaison
    • Consultation
    • Home / Family Communication
    • Staff Development
    • Parent Education
    Other Services Include 
    • Record Maintenance
    • Research / Evaluation
    • Policy Recommendations


    Mr. Brian Baddick
    Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services
    Telephone: (570) 424-8500 Ext. 10704