Principal's Corner

    Mr Catrillo
    Welcome to East Stroudsburg High School South!
    My name is Michael Catrillo and I am principal of South.   The 2016-17 school year marks my 7th year as principal.  Prior to this I was principal of the J.T Lambert Intermediate School for five years and Middle Smithfield Elementary School for seven years.  I also was an English teacher here at South in the early 90's.
    It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website.  We are very proud of our school.  We try each day to live the motto- Success For All!.    We are continuing to improve our website to provide our students, parents and community with valuable information.   Keep checking back for changes.   Thank you to our Gifted Students and Web Design students for their efforts on the website.
    Below is some information about our award winning Positive Behavior Program!
    Positive Behavior Support Overview

     -What is Positive Behavior Support?

       A schoolwide program that promotes agreedupon Core Values and then develops procedures to teach/discuss the core valuesto improve the overall environment of the school making it a more positive,effective place to learn.  The programalso has systems in place to recognize, reward and support students who actresponsibly.


    What is the CAV CORE?

    -CAV CORE-   A motto/slogan to build the program on

    Community    Discuss what a community isand why it is important in a school

    Ownership     Discuss how we takeownership in a school

    Respect          Discuss what respectlooks like in a school building

    Excellence      Discuss what excellence isand how it is achieved.

    These are the values that will drive our program and the expectations for the school.