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Mr. Homulka

     For all students, junior year is the most challenging year, but teachers like Mr. Homulka make it all worth it. His chemistry class engages and entertains you. This is why we decided to tell you a little more about him.

     Mr. Homulka is originally from western PA in a town called Mammoth, a 15 minute drive will take you to Latrobe were he attended St. Vincent College. His decision to pursue a career in teaching stemmed from his father and brother. Mr. Jim DiMuzio was his high school chemistry teacher who challenged him to reach his full potential, which is what sparked his interest in chemistry. His first year on the job he worked at a Catholic school, and transitioned to public high schools where he substituted for teachers on maternity leave. After gaining this experience he applied for a job here at H.S. South in 1993 and accepted a chemistry position. After his 25 years here at South, his favorite experience is being a part of the school lip dub which was done during spirit week back in 2013.

     After 33 years of being a dedicated teacher, Mr. Homulka plans on retiring within the next five years. He plans on moving to some place warm and pursuing some of his hobbies outside of chemistry. These include: travelling, bicycling, lifting, reading and dining at fine restaurants. As an experienced teacher, Mr. Homulka would like to leave the seniors with this advice: “Choose a career that resonates with you. Never let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your goal. You determine your own success with the many decisions you make in your life. Every day is a lesson. Don't ever allow yourself to become stagnant - change what you are doing to keep fresh and always maintain an optimistic attitude about yourself, others, and life in general. There is so much to learn from everybody. You are the future of tomorrow.”