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Mr. Pryor

There is a reason why some people like behind the scenes in media. It shows truely how much work is put into each and every episode, event, and script. It is time to appreciate the people who work behind the scenes in school, more specifically Mr. Pryor and his crew.

Mr. Pryor has worked at East Stroudsburg High School South for over 38 years helping with the staff and student members. Prior to being a custodial supervisor, Mr. Pryor worked as a billboard construction worker sometimes 650 ft in the air, a window painter on high buildings, a stock car engineer, and a general mechanic. Mr. Pryor was even offered to work for NASCAR in 1995 but turned it down due to his unwillingness to be far from his wife. He has also appeared in other events most noticeably the Paranormal Investigators of the Poconos. A website was created for this organization and it runs to this day. It’s difficult to image Mr. Pryor elsewhere because without his work after school, many events may not be possible.

If the name Mr. Pryors still does not ring a bell, do not worry because to most it is just another random name. For the majority of work that he had done, he gets little to no recognition at all from the student body. Besides being the custodial supervisor of the school, he and his staff members handles the school’s architecture, organize and receive calls from nine other schools, manage staff off-days, coordinate athletic activities, run concerts and performances, collect mail from central Drop-off, et cetera. For awhile, Mr. Pryor even coached basketball with Mr. Jacobs. In recent years, Mr. Pryor has not been too active during school hours mainly due to his injuries, but it may also be that he wakes up 3 in the morning to make sure we have warm air in the winter or a cool breeze in the summer.

Even though his team and him are not getting the properly recognition that they deserve, Mr. Pryor does not want to change the past. If time travel did exist, however, Mr. Pryor would like to go back and maybe invest in Apple Technology, but it would ruin the perfect family, lifestyle, and staff members that he has today. Maybe a few years from now, Mr. Pryor will start to think about retiring and traveling the world, capturing every moment in his photos, but for now he has no intention of doing so. It is effortless to forget what goes off the record of every event and activity but when you take a step back and see the full picture, it will be easier to appreciate the man and the team behind the scenes.