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Bauer & Johnson: 2024 State Data Governance Award of Excellence Nominees

As the Director of Child Accounting, Mrs. Annamarie Bauer has been instrumental in fostering a supportive learning environment for everyone whose work impacts data quality. 

As the Administrative Services Analyst, Miss Carissa Johnson has brought invaluable knowledge and ingenuity to the district's data collection and validation processes, by helping implement a comprehensive online enrollment process, creating automated data validation reports, and integrating various administrative data systems to ensure data integrity.

Bauer meets regularly with administrators and support staff to educate them on the impact their data has on State reporting, funding and students' educational records.  Her leadership has improved the district's first round data submission error rate significantly and continues to have a positive impact on data quality and meaningful staff participation on the Data Quality Team.

Johnson is an outstanding technologist who leverages the various administrative systems by integrating them, automating processes and reports,  educating staff on the most effective use of each system and actively participating in the implementation of new systems to ensure data integrity and operational effectiveness and efficiency. 

Collaboratively, they have developed and maintained a data governance manual, administrative regulations enacted by our Superintendent and numerous standard operating procedures to ensure that all functions affecting data are handled thoroughly and consistently throughout the entire district.  They also clearly communicate expectations and deadlines with all stakeholders using Google Classroom.  Additionally, both regularly present sessions on topics of various interest at State and regional conferences like this one. 
Congratulations on your nomination for this prestigious award!