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 We would like to encourage parents to make sure they are signed up for the Parent Community Portal.

  -We do not send home emergency cards, all changes to contact information, such as phone numbers and email

   addresses can be done on the portal. Any address changes must be made at out Central Office. Adding or deleting of

   emergency contacts must be sent to us in writing.

  -If you have multiple students in different schools, they can all be on one account.

  -See Current Grades/Report Cards/Attendance/Discipline


  To Sign Up:

   Go to /or  through our Bushkill Webpage, click on Sapphire Tab, select Community Web Portal, and create a

   parent account.  A pin number will be emailed to you once all information is verified and approved.


  * We will not release any student to someone that is not listed as a contact, or a letter in writing sent in to us prior.


  *  All persons entering the school must present a valid ID, or will not be allowed into the building.