Grab and Go meals and Bus Delivery of meals

Beginning March 16 and going forward the school district wil lhave grab and go breakfasts and lunches available at the following locations:

South High School (by the main entrance); Middle Smithfield Elementary (by the main entrance); and North High School (by the main entrance)


Lunch menu will include a variety of sandwiches, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Breakfast menu will include a variety of breakfast foods such as muffins, bagels, cereal, fruit juice and milk.

Please note most sandwiches contain soy, wheat, and dairy.  However, please refer to the Nutritional Analysis and Profiles to ensure that the product served is in compliance with your dietary needs.


Beginning March 23 the school district will begin delivering meals via their bus service.

Note, however, that you may still drive up and receive your meal at any of the three locations previously stated.


Please contact me at 570-424-8500 at ext 10530 on questions or comments.


Thank you and be safe and be well.





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